Welcome to Solid Shampoo.

The main solid shampoo in a tin is my own formula and not available anywhere else.

We also stock other formulae of soaps and shampoo bars which are sls free.

Every item you sell earns you 25% commission If your customers join us as an affiliate, their sales earn you 10% bonus, if you have bought/sold one bar or tin £5 in that month.

All delivering of goods is done by me, same goes for guarantees and refunds.

Basically I want you to find customers and I send them products. You need to pay tax as a self employed person and liability insurance if you have a stall at events. There's articles on door to door and partyplan plus tips for events. In the group. Please add all prospects to the group so they can read all the information on there.

No selling on eBay or amazon.

If you sell on Facebook it must go through the main website.

Starter packs  contain money off vouchers and you can buy one of each.

£5 virtual pack gets you a £10 voucher

£10 gets you a £20 voucher

£15 gets you a £30 voucher

One use only postage not included. 

Send £5 to

Send £10 to

Send £15 to

Include your name and email for vouchers to be sent to you.