The leaflets are for my solid shampoo and soaps. I will send you payment via paypal with the pack of leaflets/ postcards. Works out about half an hour to deliver 50 leaflets. Its £5 up front for 50 leaflets which is paid when I post the leaflet pack, and £5 after I start getting responses. Then another pack sent with payment and so on. Works out at about £20 an hour. I would like you to tell me which streets you've delivered them to so I can keep track. Please let me know if you're interested and send me your address and PayPal email. I will then get the leaflets printed and post them to you with the payment up front. There's an optional extra. If you would like commission from sales I will set up a discount code for you to give to prospective customers. You will receive 25% of the retail price. You can then use a photocopy of the leaflet on facebook. Let me know either way.
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